One to One Tuition

One to one tuition will guarantee you the highest level of instruction so if you are seeking to progress rapidly then we would strongly recommend this option. One to one tuition offers the student the instructors undivided attention helping you to master techniques more quickly.

All tuition will be individually tailored to the exact specification of our Clients.


This is a great option for a number of different reasons, spreading the cost for one, enjoying quality time with a loved one, fishing with a friend, or simply having someone you know with you to help provide a little extra support and confidence. Whatever the reason maybe, Duo days are incredibly popular and by keeping the numbers low you can still expect a very high level of instruction.

All tuition will be individually tailored to the exact specification of our Clients


We take great pride and pleasure in hosting Corporate and group bookings. Just let us know your requirements and we'll do the rest...

Full Tuition List

Beginners course's - One or two day.

Gus took advantage of our one day introduction to Fly Fishing course. He had never held a Fly rod prior to his day with us. Gus returned a total of thirteen wild fish but more importantly he took with him the knowledge and confidence to take on any river anywhere !

Improver Day.

Roger has fished for most of his life. He has taken three improver days with us to learn new skills such as short & long range Euro Nymphing, Suspension Nymphing & Streamer fishing... by Roger's own admission his fishing experience has now been totally transformed.

Experienced Day's.

Phil is a one of a number of England Internationals that have come to Yorkshire Fly Fishing Services to help develop and fine tune their river fishing skills to greater their chances of qualification into World & European squads.

Fly Casting Tuition.

Learn how to cast in minutes....

  1. Basic Overhead cast.

  2. Roll Cast.

  3. Single Haul.

  4. Double Haul.

Yorkshire Fly Fishing Services cannot be beaten on price or expertise, we are committed to providing you with affordable Fly Fishing Tuition - for all tuition enquiries please contact Fred via the Contacts page or by scrolling down to the footer and clicking any of the links.