Bespoke River Flies - Tied to order - £1.80 per Fly.

Fluro. Partridge & Orange Spider. Size 14 Barbless Wet. £1.80

I specifically added the florescent orange to stand out in the peat stained Dales rivers. It's a phenomenal fish catcher.

March Brown Spider. Size 14 Barbless Wet. £1.80

Here is my March Brown Spider, this is my go to Spider pattern.

Partridge & Soft Orange. Size 14 Barbless Wet. £1.80

A great summer Spider for when the water's run clear.

Special - Fred's Flashback PTN Size 18. 2.5mml Copper Tungsten Bead. £1.80 each.

In my last National River's Final, on the river Eden, i landed significantly more fish than any other competitor fishing this nymph.