Your Guide - Fred Bainbridge.


National Qualifiers.

The vast majority of Guides will start off by telling you that they have gained their experience through many years, if not a life time spent fishing.... and the same would be said about Fred who also found fishing at a very young age. Born in North Yorkshire, Fred was surrounded with Rivers & Streams and would never be found far from one of them. Even as a young boy, Fred would always strive to learn, improve & succeed, he couldn't help it as it was in his nature.

Fast forward somewhere around twenty years and Fred found himself entering a local Stillwater competition... although naturally talented it is here where Fred really learned how to fish....

Competition fishing can be subjective, however, the level of experience and knowledge gained through this environment is second to none.

Following years of learning Fred began to dominate the English Northern Regional qualifiers winning more than a dozen events spread across Loch style, Bank and River disciplines.... the experience gained here was invaluable.

" In first place was Fred Bainbridge, who after taking a break from the event was straight back into winning form."" This is the 7th time that Fred has won this event which is some achievement"

Ben Dobson ( Northern Loch Style Eliminator Stocks Reservoir ) 

"Fred Bainbridge was the overall winner and became the Northern Federation's River Ure Champion"

Paul Page ( Chairman Northern Federation )

English National Finals

Achievements & Experience.


Reaching a National Final is an achievement in itself but once you're there, the bar is raised much, much higher. Now you’re in the mix with dozens of other accomplished competition anglers, many of whom have dedicated years of practice to getting here.  And all of you are after that coveted place in the England team.  

But then making the national team was never meant to be easy. Making the team in all three disciplines – bank, loch-style and rivers – is the ultimate challenge. Each discipline has its own dedicated core of stalwarts, devoting all their time and effort to that type of fishing.  

Anglers hell-bent on meeting that challenge and becoming genuine all-rounders have their work cut out. The learning curve is like the side of a mountain.

Lets just say there’s a reason only a handful of anglers in the country have fished for Team England in all three disciplines. Fred Bainbridge is one of them. The first and – to this day – the only Yorkshireman to have done so. That’s the level of experience and know-how that you’re drawing upon when Fred is your guide.  

During Fred's competitive career, he won six English National Championships, captained England in both stillwater and river competition and gained multiple International caps across all formats. He retired at the top in 2018, while number one in the English National River Ranking.  

It’s one thing to do something well, of course, but passing on your knowledge to help others improve can be another thing altogether. Fred Bainbridge, though, is an open book, sharing every piece of his expertise with each client he guides. The outcome? Well, check out his testimonials page and see for yourself. Beyond the number of fish caught there’s a recurrent theme in the feedback – clients who have surprised themselves with how well they’ve done, on waters new to them. Much of that, they admit, is down to the man who spent the day at their side.

They say that the best way to judge an Indian or Italian restaurant is to note how many Indians or Italians dine there.    In the same way, the number of guides, instructors and international anglers who seek Fred’s guiding and tuition services tells its own story.  

Why not join them and let this master of his craft give you a day to remember in what he proudly calls “God’s country”? Email or phone Fred today. 

Email :

Home : 01765 609924.

Mobile : 07506007291.

 I have seen a lot of England teams come and go. I have seen great England performances and some not so great; all with mixed results. I have seen the stasis that England teams have recently been experiencing, while other nations have been catching up and overtaking. This year, I have seen numerous signs that we are now again on the ascendancy. This National Final has produced a very good team, full of obvious potential, and there is considerable back-up now, particularly in the rivers sector of our sport. Most impressive of all was National Champion, Fred Bainbridge, who simply pulverised the competition, showing, again, that he is one of England’s best (all-round) performers and as team manager I am delighted to have him back in the river team. 

Jeremy Lucas England Rivers Team Manager.